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zara kristian

elbsan 1986

I was born in 2nd January 1986 in Elbasan, Albania. I started to learn drawing an painting since I was 11 years old. I finished the Artistic High School in 2004, when I was taught about classical art history and techniques. After the high school, the economic and political situation forced me to move abroad. So, in 2005 I moved to Athens of Greece where I worked for living around a year. Despite the difficulties in my life at that time as an immigrant in economic needs, I knew since that art is all I wanted to study and do in my life. The passion and being self-aware what art means to me, I pushed myself forward into continuing to pursue my first goal, studying art at higher education level. So, in 2006 I undertook the entering exam period into Athens School of Fine Arts. the exam were 5 days long, and I passed amid 995 applicants at the 9th place of 72 places allocated for new students by the university. I studied under P. Charalampus' custody at his atelier, mainly focused on oil painting, human figure and its environment (inner and outer). Throughout the 5 years art program, apart from painting, I studied sculpture, stage design and photography. The school provided me with many opportunities in theoretical, historical and practical aspects of art. I experienced myself growing and my art changing year by year, and this was my only goal at the moment to be achieved. I concluded my thesis in 2011 with a BA and a Mater in Visual Arts. Unfortunately my economic situation was never stable (even now in 2020) and I had to work different jobs to support my studies as well. As you know, being and living as an artist is never an easy task to take.However, for me it is as a source of life that feeds all my being human. After the university I wanted to evolve my art and give a philosophy-kind aspect to it. I always have a strong desire to gather and expend my knowledge. So, I deiced to move in 2014 and go to the UK, in Edinburgh respectively. I had to work as kitchen chef fro three years in order to save money for a master degree that interested me. In 2016 I was accepted into Art, Society and Publics Master course at the University of Dundee. Dundee is a small city 1:30 hrs fro Edinburgh. As I'm also interested in the human psyche I found interesting to send my proposal for an artistic research, Endeavor in Unconsciousness and Art (I titled it as inner migration firstly), to the header of the Master course. I was accepted and I developed my individual research throughout 12 intensive months. I was graduated with Master of Fine Arts in October 2017. Coming out from this course I understood that dinging deep in the psychic world can give me back what I seeking since, but not being aware that time, the expansion of self knowledge. Thus, nowadays, psyche and its phenomenon has become my main subject matter. Now I'm back home and I have my own studio since the fall of 2018. I'm continuing my studies individually, reading and analyzing the psyche, and experimenting with art. My economic situation hasn't improved much, but here I can be focused and create more than anywhere else. Also, I am preparing a proposal for an art PhD Research in the future. People say that I'm a weird being, that I go against the current and I always be in 'troubles'. However this may discomfort me, my philosophy is that as long as I live within any social circle I ow to help others. I want to make people being aware of the their psychic world, for it is important to know and thus we may become better people which create the right tools to build a good society and life afterwords. So, I call myself an activist too. I hope, my works start selling so I can continue to create. Also, I want to sell my works and become known internationally in order to create funds for an art museum in my home town. A museum for public good and art-education related research place. I know this is a big ambition and I need to do it myself, as the government in Albania does care about, but it is worth dreaming about. If I don't dream I risk to lose being human, and of course, an artist too.

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