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Lorenzo Marini is an Italian artist who lives and works in Milan, Italy and in Los Angeles and New York. After working for twenty years in total silence and secrecy, defending his works from the clamor of advertising, he decided to share his artistic mission with the world. Although Marini attended the Accademia di Belle Arte in Venice with Emilio Vedova, his degree is in architecture and he has worked successfully in advertising for 30 years. In advertising, Marini uses creativity, color, provocation and impact, while in art he uses white, silence, and the elegance of secrecy. The concept of space and the search for the ideal visual become the paradigm of his painting, which begins from the desire to desemanticize the consumer object and its advertising message, stripping a concept down to a simple grid in which the act of commodification is canceled out by the beauty and composition of the elements. In this process of semantic delocalization, Marini works in layers, dividing the canvas up into portions and subtracting the original message from each portion, allowing its structure, or reticule, to emerge. Even color vanishes, leaving white – or silence on canvas – as the undisputed protagonist. The result has great impact: near-monochromatic grids with strong material components, in a subtle balance between the abstract and the rationalist. In 2016 Marini had an artistic inspiration that led him to celebrate the beauty of letters. In 2017, following the success of this adventure, Marini created his manifesto for the liberation of Type, in so doing becoming the founder of a new art form: that of dedicating an artwork to each individual letter of the alphabet, freeing letters from the obligation of function, to celebrate their pure intrinsic beauty. Marini’s pictures can be read as the translation of advertising campaigns to contemporary art, with a rigorous logic of spaces and of equilibriums, in his first search in Visuals. Just as they can be read as a revolutionary thought on the Pop-beauty of the contemporary alphabet, in this second artistic phase. Exhibitions in the last three years: 2019 Ventura projects Milano Fuorisalone 2019, Milan, April 9 – 14 Armory Show NY New York, March 7 - 10 Fabbrica del Vapore Via Procaccini 4 Milano, Feb 15 – March 2 LA Art Show L.A. Convention Center, stand 836 January 23 - 27 2018 Miami Art Basel Raw Space Miami, Dec 6-10 Mostra personale: Bruce Lurie Gallery Los Angeles, Oct 6 – Nov 3 Museo Giorgione, Mostra personale Castelfranco Veneto, TV, April 14 – May 13 The Armory Show 711, 12th Ave, New York, NY, March 8 - 11 Art Palm Beach Florida Convention Center, January 17-21 2017 Miami Art Basel Scope Pavilion, December 6-9 Talent Prize, Rome Macro Museo Arte Contemporanea, December 12-26 Western China International Biennale Arte Museum, Hohhot, Nov 21-Dec 20 Venice Biennale Armenia Pavilion, Feb 21-Nov 16 Charter Magazzini del Sale, Venice, May 12-August 30 Solo exhibition: George Berges Gallery New York, May 4-15 Poliform Madison My Life Stories, March 9-31 2016 Art Basel Miami Scope Pavilion, Nov 30-Dec 4 Arturo-O Barcelona Italian Cultural Institute, Barcelona, October 17-23 Solo exhibition: Museo della Permanente Milan, October 17-23 Gallery Center Soho 478 W Broadway, New York, April 9-May 9 Artista del Mese (Artist of the Month) Mondadori Megastore Duomo, Milan, April 9-May 19 2015 Art Basel Miami Miami Art River, Convention Center, Dec 3-6 ARTOUR-O il MUST Italian Cultural Institute, Prague October 21-24 Solo exhibition (Mare, Marini, Messina) Teatro Vittorio Emanuele, Messina, Sicily, November 1-15 Solo exhibition: Visuart 2015 Palazzo Medici Riccardi, Florence, June 24-30 Solo exhibition: Visuart 2015 Museo di Padova, Palazzo Zuckermann, March 6-22 Solo exhibition: Spazio Oberdan Milan, February 2-March 2

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