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The artist account on ArtID is different from a standard one. It requires some more information about you as an artist and about your work. It is not accessible immediately after registration, but only after our approval which takes place within 15 days (usually earlier), because it involves a series of advantages that cannot be granted to everyone.

The artist account allows to value the entire production by equipping the artworks with the ArtID's Digital Certificate, increasing visibility through the Marketplace and laying solid foundations for an effective promotion.

After the account approval, you will be able to use the following ArtID services for free!

The ArtID Digital Certificate

The ArtID Digital Certificate gives value to an artwork by binding it in an indissoluble way to its documentation: high definition images, authentication, publications, exhibitions in which it has been showed and everything that may be relevant for a work of art.

The information is made immutable thanks to blockchain technology and can be easily shared via QR Code or link.

The Digital Certificate is the foundation for the creation of a new generation of artworks, more transparent and liquid.

The Digital Certificate is the heart of ArtID and the prerequisite to access all the other services such as the Archive, the Marketplace and the comparison of the artwork through the Artificial Intelligence!

The Marketplace

Once the artwork is equipped with the Digital Certificate, it can be published for sale on the ArtID Marketplace, if this is the intention.

The artworks on the Marketplace stand out for their accessible documentation and for the possibility of exploiting the visibility and advantages of an integrated platform capable of managing the sale from the moment of their publication to the arrival in the hands of the buyer, logistics included.

ArtID withholds a 15% commission on transactions that take place on the Marketplace.

THe Digital Archive

The digital public archive represents an exceptional reference for all the owners of an artist's works, a proof of transparency and is the equivalent of a permanent exhibition.

It contains all the artworks equipped with the Digital Certificate, both those that are for sale on the Marketplace and those that are not for sale or no longer owned by the artist. More information is available at this page.

The requirement for the activation of the Archive, for an artist account, is the certification of at least 20 artworks. Once this requirement is reached, the Archive is automatically activated and is immediately visible in the appropriate section of the site.

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