ramser karsten


1.963 Born in Hamburg, (West) Germany. 1.968 First experience with painting in the studio of his father. 1.978-82 Working with music. 1.980-82 Working with experimental music in (West) Berlin. 1.983 Retaking the painting. 1.984-89 Exposition in Berlin, Wuppertal, Düsseldorf, München, Las Palmas de Canaria and Teror. 1.984-89 Working in Sculpturing. 1.985 Collaboration with the gallery Paranorm in Berlin, Germany. 1.988-89 Working with "Light-Objects". 1.989 Break of the professional activities as an artist. 1.989-93 Works in clay. 1.989-2.018 Painting becomes the tool of self-investigation. A period of searching for the meaning of life and what it means to be human. 1.989 He moves to the mountain in Gran Canaria and lives for years a life far away from civilisation. 1.995-2007 Study of the Perennial Philosophy (Perennial Wisdom). 2.007 Begin of Art&Consciousness. 2.007 Creation of the Gewahrsein paintings. 2.007 Begin of the conscious work. 2.007-2013 Working as a Reconnecting healer and therapist. 2.009-2016 Creation of short videos about consciousness. 2.009 Coaching becomes an integral part of his conscious work. 2.011 Publikation of his first book El Camino Sabio (The wise path). 2.015 Recognised as a nondual teacher and master. 2.017-18 ArtWork Becoming sculptures in wood. 2.018 Publikation of his second book The Tao of the 21st century. 2.018 Beginn of the artwork PhotoPainting. 2.018 Coming back to the professional activity as an artist. 2.018 Exposition with the art collective Las Figueras. Gata de Gorgos, Spain. 2.019 Collaboration with the Salón la ñ, Denia, Spain. 2.019 Exposition individual, Salon la ñ, Denia, Spain. The unity of life and death. 2.019 Collaboration with the Adsubia Gallery.

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ramser karsten

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ramser karsten

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ramser karsten

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ramser karsten

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