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The creation of an artist's public digital archive represents an exceptional reference for all owners of the artworks, a demonstration of total transparency and the equivalent of a permanent exhibition.

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The Digital Certificate is the foundation to ensure authenticity and the possibility to access the complete documentation of an artwork through an incorruptible register based on Blockchain technology. It also opens up the possibility to publish the artworks for sale on the ArtID Marketplace.

Technology at the service of art

Guarantee of immutability

Our technology uses the blockchain to make the information immutable, it can be updated but not changed.

Check over time

It is possible to verify over time the originality and the whole history of an artwork, from the moment of its realization to the present moment.

Artificial Intelligence

With the use of Artificial Intelligence it will be possible to do what the human eye can’t, to compare the physical artwork with the images of the artwork in the Digital Certificate.

What is included in the archive service

Certified archive

A public digital archive of the artist, visible in the appropriate section of the site. Reference for the owners of the artworks and the equivalent of a permanent exhibition.

Automatic Update

The Archive will always be synchronized in real time with the latest certified artworks, at the moment the certification request is approved.

100 Digital Certificates

The purchase of the Archive includes 100 Digital Certifications, useful for certifying and / or updating the documentation of the individual artworks.

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Is it possible to set a fee for the access to the individual artworks in the Archive?

Yes. There is the possibility of setting a fee for the access to the single artworks in the Archive, with the requirement to have a minimum of 100 artworks in it. With the exception of the artworks published for sale on the Marketplace, which will always be accessible.

Will the archive be available and online as soon as i make the purchase?

Your archive will be online when there are at least 10 certified artworks. In case you already have an account with certified artworks the publication will take place within 24 hours (usually earlier). In case it is the first time you have to do with us, it will be available as soon as the 10th Digital Certificate is approved. In addition, with the purchase of the archive you will also have 100 certification requests available!


Yes, you can. You must still have at hand the minimum documentation required for the certification. The Digital Certificate of the artwork enhances it and can then be passed on to the buyer (just creating an account on ArtID), like any other documentation that accompanies the artwork. You will definitely give value to previous or future buyers of your artworks.